Raspberry Pi XBMC sopcast
XBMC + Streams plugin (Linux)

Linux (sopcast player)


Linux XBMC + Streams plugin:

Install XBMC.
(tested with XBMC 12.3 on OpenSuse 13.1)

download from here SopCast for Linux:

  • sp-auth.tgz
  • libstdcpp5.tgz

Unpack sp-auth:
tar -vxzf sp-auth.tgz

sudo cp sp-auth/sp-sc-auth /usr/local/bin/

Unpack libstdcpp5:
tar -vxzf libstdcpp5.tgz
sudo cp usr/lib/ /usr/lib
sudo cp usr/lib/ /usr/lib

Download the streams plugin for xbmc. (

Unzip and copy the extracted directory in the addon directory of xbmc
cp -vr ~/.xbmc/addons/

After you start xbmc you will find the "Streams" plugin in the "video addons" section.

The plugin is already configured to use the remote channel list from this site

Remote channel list URL:

After you start the plugin the channel list will be downloaded and you can start watching.